The Le Bistreaux experience represents the philosophies of it's owners:
Live with Intention, Laugh Often, Love Holistically and Serve Unselfishly.

Le Bistreaux is a Coffee Bar and Waffle Bar with an emphasis on the southern social experience and a       
commitment to the individual experience. It’s where you come to meet friends, spend time with family or enjoy some time

At Le Bistreaux every menu item is custom prepared for the individual using premium products from local businesses when
available.  Organic ingredients are used with a common sense approach.  
If you are passionate about quality coffee and fine
barista style drinks, start your day at Le Bistreaux Coffee & Waffle Bar, serving a rotating variety of coffee beans harvested
around the world.If you are passionate about quality waffles. We have created a variety of unique, sweet and savory waffles
using only the finest quality ingredients. Le Bistreaux serves over 20 different delicious, sweet and savory waffles, as well as
decadent treats to indulge all cravings for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  Our waffles are all baked fresh to order in
Every waffle delivers with flavor intention, incredible texture and a uniquely memorable experience. No toppings are
required, as all ingredients are incorporated within our waffle batter. The result is a hand-held Delight which will arouse your
palate and fulfill your senses with every bite.  We recommend trying each waffle without toppings, but do not be bashful.  
We do offer syrup, seasonal berries, homemade creams, soup or ice cream to enhance your waffle experience.  
We also serve
a delicious Gluten Free Waffle.   
Have any of them alone or with a selection recommended by a Barista from our Specialty
Coffee Bar.
5803 Coliseum Blvd, Suite H
Alexandria, Louisiana 71301